Will my Journey Speak for Me

On my visit to the New Orleans Museum of Art, I got a chance to see the soul-stirring exhibition by Lesley Dill intitled “Hell Hell Hell/Heaven Heaven Heaven” a visual storytelling of the life and calling of Sister Gertrude Morgan.  I was moved and intrigued by the depictions that adorn the walls. It was intoxicating, yet hauntingly eerie. I was moved in such a way that all my senses of womanhood seem to come alive. On departing to head back to my hotel on that rainy Sunday afternoon, I was compelled to take it all in one more time. This time I found myself alone, being able to absorb the energy and feel of what I am sure the artist meant to convey to all that visited. It caused me to think about the woman and the life she lead. Her death. The journeys she took and what she left behind.

I walked away wondering about my life and journeys.  Asking myself the questions will my life leave a mark long after I’m gone….will my journey intrigued those that will come after. Did Sister Morgan leave this world proud of her journeys…will I?

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