My Mornings with God

My grandmother has always given me books. Some I would keep or give away (anything related to crime novels, not a fan). And then there were those that she gave me that I treasured because she was pouring into my spiritual well-being. I’ve had this book for some years now, I can’t say exactly on which trip home she gave it to me, but I’ve kept it down through the years. This year I decided to explore its pages as I went back to my morning routine of me time.

There are only 25 devotions and today I am on day 20. The unique thing about this book is that it shares a different herb and explains how to use it to cook (I’m no cook LOL) but somehow it ties into the message and the daily scripture meditation. I have enjoyed and looked forward to each mornings reading and have carried the messages with me throughout the day. Most of all it has enlarged my heart of gratefulness and ushered me into worship in a way I have never known before.

In the stillness of the morning before the world and my day gets stirring I find myself alone with God in truly heartfelt conversations that I never knew existed. I only wish my grandmother was here so I could tell her thank you, for giving me the greatest gift….mornings with God.

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