It’s Your World

Are we really being selfish if we unplug from everything and everyone around us and focus a little time on us? Is self-care really being selfish? Well if it is I’m 100% down for self!

I’ve always been one to believe in “me time”, taking off work just to relax and recoup, a glass of wine with a book or listening to my favorite playlist, and working on my birthday is a no-no.  But is that truly self-care? Self care doesn’t have to be vacations or trips to the Spa. There are so many ways to take out time for yourself. Below I share a list of ways we can implement loving on ourselves without having to open our wallets.

1. Make Time to Exercise

This is one myself I must admit I am horrible at! I start out all dedicated setting goals but along the way I find myself not letting the bed go. Start off making time to walk a few days a week, you can add incidental walking in by parking further away or my fave taking stair breaks throughout out the workday.

2. Understand the Value of Alone Time

This by far is my holy grail! I love and enjoy my own company, give me alone time over all the money in the world. During this time you can reflect on who you are, where you are and who you want to be.  Enjoy a glass of wine with a book or your favorite playlist. Even binge watch your favorite Netflix tv show.

3. Reward Yourself

Give yourself a tangible reward after completing a goal or to celebrate an accomplishment.

4. Put Self On the To Do List

One of the things I began to practice last year and since have made a habit is to always put myself on my to-do list. We are busy doing and taking care of other people and things and forget to take care of us. Putting yourself on the to-do list will guarantee you get that time in to indulge in simple pleasures.

5. Knowing the Value of “No”

I have learned to set boundaries and one thing I have stood firm in is “let my NO mean NO”. We tend to use Yes far more than we use NO. Become comfortable in saying no to others and yes to yourself! And mean it.

6. Nourish Your Soul

Eating healthy is a perfect way to practice self-care. As they say “ you are what you eat” I know that when I eat healthy I feel good from the inside out. Plus you look great too! Plan meals that work best for you, avoid eating out often and introduce vitamins or probiotic to your diet.

7. Be Creative

Get those creative juices flowing. Doing something you love brings balance to your hectic day and life. Trust me after working all day on someone’s else dream, I love to blog as it brings me joy.

8. Make Little Life Changes

Changes to your life can make you feel brand new. It’ about bringing changes big or small into our lives and appreciating them. It can be in the way you do something, how your dress, places you go, a new way of thinking, or as simple as taking daily walks soaking in the beauty of nature.  The little things make the biggest difference.

9. Connect With Others

Reach out to family and friends you may not have seen or spoken to in a while. Connecting with others is just as important as connecting with ourselves. Healthy loving relationships sustain us. We all need the human touch of another. Go out for a cup of tea or coffee, dinner, or just have that phone conversation that causes you to laugh and cry all in the same breath.

10. Let go of Negativity

It’s toxic and the energy is more than the hassle…..LET IT GO!!

11. Bask in Gratitude

Gratitude causes us to appreciate and celebrate life. Daily practice gratitude with a grateful heart and watch how the universe opens up for you. In a journal list things you are grateful for. I love to sit by my window and reflect on all I am grateful for it brings such warmth and joy to my life and keeps me centered.


  1. Tiffany Groover

    I receive it! This is a common discussion between friends, coworkers and myself. We all woefully say we need “me time” and/or “girls time” and it never happens, because as you said, we stay focused on others/things in our lives. This message hit home on a deep level for me. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.

  2. Brandon Smith

    I am very proud of you, this was very thought-provoking. Great job! Uh….if you meet Oprah, I’m going to need a loan!

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