Be Determine

I was watching Wendy Williams interview Tamar Braxton and Tamar said something that struck me, she told Wendy “I was determined to fall in love with myself under any circumstances.” to me she said a mouth full. And I realized that for years I didn’t love myself the way I should.

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution. – Unknown

After years of feeling less than worthy (confession) I decided enough was enough and in 2016 I set out on a journey to finding me. But there was still something missing.  I fell off that path. From Tamar’s lips to my ears I had an aha moment and my spirit whispered to my heart “Be determine to fall in love with yourself under any circumstances necessary.” Thank you, Tamar, for owning your story and sharing your space and speaking into my space what I needed. I am determined!

x, Tamayla

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